Fun Fall Activities for the Family

As summer draws to a close, many families will begin planning fun activities for the fall. If you need some inspiration, our local business listings are perfect to help you find destinations for weekend activities and day trips. The Trusted Local Directory™ contains listings from across the country, with family activities at the forefront.


Best Fall Activities for the Family

Here are some of our favorite fall activities to enjoy with the family – and remember to browse our listings for even more ideas.

Visit a Pumpkin Farm

A trip to a pumpkin farm may be the best way to get into the fall spirit! Kids can search for their favorite pumpkins, escape the corn maze, enjoy a hayride – and learn about agriculture and life on a farm.

Go Camping for the Weekend

Take the opportunity to go camping with the family at this perfect time of year. While picking the right destination is always a priority, many families may choose fall to avoid some of the heat and crowds of the summer season.

Follow a Nature Trail

Fall’s changing colors can create an incredible backdrop for hiking or walking. From a local nature trail to a national park, there’s no shortage of stunning hiking spots at this time of year.

Enjoy a Day of Horseback Riding

The pleasant temperatures and scenery of fall make horseback riding an excellent family activity. Spend the day on a horseback trail or visit a riding stable for lessons.

Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is a traditional fall activity for many families. A trip to an orchard offers the chance to get outdoors, stay active – and enjoy some locally-grown produce. In addition, many locations include picnic areas, petting zoos and other fun activities for kids.

Visit a Botanical Garden

The changing season brings a shift in atmosphere, plants and colors for families to explore. Children can experience a host of seasonal flora in a fun and educational day out.

Go to a Zoo or Wildlife Park

With smaller crowds and cooler weather, fall is a good time to visit a local zoo or wildlife park. Visitors can often experience different animal behaviors at this time of year, with opportunities to educate the kids on migration or hibernation activities.

Experience a Historical Site

Every state offers a range of historical attractions for families to enjoy. Whether you visit the Statue of Liberty or a place closer to home, you can gain insights into national or local history and even the environment.

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