How to Optimize a Business Listing on Trusted Local Directory

Creating a business listing on Trusted Local Directory™ is a great way to boost a business’ presence in local search. Once a business listing has been created on the Trusted Local Directory, the next step is to optimize it. Optimizing a business’ directory listing is the key to helping it stand out from the competition.

What Does a Good Business Listing Need?

Correctly optimizing business listings is very important for the impression a business has on consumers. Did you know that 80% of consumers lose interest in local businesses if they see incorrect business names or inconsistent contact details on online directories?

Businesses should always be sure the details on their business listings are accurate, including business hours and contact information.

Consistent NAP Information

One of the most important parts of optimizing a business listing is using consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information. Having consistent NAP information on a business’ website and on all business listings is one of the most important on-page signals that affects local search ranking. Google is smart enough to normalize addresses, but it’s a good idea to keep them as similar as possible.

Creating a Free Business Listing on Trusted Local Directory

Businesses can list their business for free on Trusted Local Directory. With a free listing, businesses have access to several features that can help optimize their business listing.

These features include:

  • Logo image
  • Business name
  • Detail page
  • Summary business description
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Link to business’ website
  • Email and phone number
  • Business hours

In order to optimize a business listing, businesses should take advantage of each of these features. This includes a well-written summary description of the business (free of typos and grammatical mistakes) with consistent NAP information and accurate business hours.

Example of a Summary Business Description

Example of a Summary Business Description

Don’t forget to incorporate the business’ keywords within the summary description. As you can see above, this example has keywords and summarizes the services offered by the business. Make sure you use the actual business name, and don’t add in extra keywords in hopes of placing higher in search.

Creating a Trusted Local Business Listing on Trusted Local Directory

In order to more fully optimize business listings on Trusted Local Directory, businesses can opt for a Trusted Local Business™ listing on the directory. Along with the benefits supplied by a free business listing, this paid listing includes many additional features.

This includes:

  • Featuring a YouTube video
  • Creating a photo gallery
  • Linking to social networking pages
  • Showcasing business deals
  • Adding an additional phone number
  • A detailed business description
  • Adding a location reference

Trusted Local Business listings also get the Trusted Local Business cover image and Trusted Local Business seal that displays on their profile. Trusted Local Business listings are featured on the Homepage of the directory and the Listings page in a randomized order, so each Trusted Local Business has the opportunity to get this additional exposure.

Example of Trusted Local Businesses Featured on Listings Page

With a Trusted Local Business listing, businesses can really make their listing stand out to consumers. With the ability to include a detailed description of the business and their services, businesses are able to showcase their experience and provide consumers the information they are searching for.

Example of a Detailed Business Description

The opportunity to showcase special deals with a designated “Deals” tab on paid listings is another reason to upgrade. With a Trusted Local Business listing, businesses can add additional photos. Businesses with more than one photo on their business listing have been proven to perform better.

Online Listings Are Important for Businesses

Because consistency in online directory listings is so valuable, businesses should never just brush over the details. Remember – consumers pay attention to these listings!

If you haven’t created a free listing on the Trusted Local Directory, act now! If you have a listing on the directory and haven’t optimized it, take action.

If you manage a print or online directory and would like to have the businesses you represent listed in our directory, find out how to become a Trusted Local Publisher™ today.

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