Safely Planning a Vacation for Spring Break With Your Family

The global pandemic might have disrupted travel plans in 2020, but increasing numbers of families are now looking for safe vacation ideas. And while some of the most popular spring vacation spots might be closed, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. A spring break can still be safe when you take the right precautions and stay mindful of the risks we currently face.

6 Ways to Ensure a Safe Spring Break Vacation With Your Family

Check COVID-19 Policies in Advance

Many regions have COVID restrictions in place. Check what policies your vacation spot has implemented to ensure you are fully compliant. You may be required to wear a mask and observe a curfew in some locations, while others request you apply common sense. If restaurants are closed, consider bringing your own food as a precaution.

Choose Outdoor Spots

Ventilated areas reduce the spread of COVID-19. You can take advantage of this fact by choosing a vacation in the great outdoors. Hiking, skiing and beach trips involve spending much of your day outdoors. If the weather is nice, an amusement park will also keep the kids entertained.

Try to Stay Local

Increasing numbers of families are staying local during these turbulent times. Most people will have several vacation spots that are a drive away, but in the past would often fly to a new city or country instead. Staying local allows you to visit historical landmarks such as these in Washington, D.C. There are so many places of natural beauty you simply may not have seen yet! Make the most of the chance to explore the nearby area, staying safe in the process.

Check Cancellation Policies

Planning a vacation this spring requires you to be prepared for change. Restrictions might come into effect at short notice, and your travel plans could alter at the last minute. Make sure to check the cancellation policies with your rental company, hotel and other related providers. You don’t want to be forced to take unnecessary risks to avoid paying additional charges and cancellation fees.

Maintain Good Hygiene

A vacation is a chance to unwind and leave day-to-day stresses behind. But you still need to maintain good hygiene to avoid putting your family at risk. Take disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer with you to minimize the risk of infection. You can still relax and have fun while sticking to some common sense hygiene principles.

Book a Private Vacation Rental

Staying at a busy resort will inevitably put you in close contact with other travelers. Instead, look at vacation rentals that offer your family space and privacy. A private vacation rental will provide a base you can come home to after enjoying the attractions of the local area.

Where Are You Headed for Vacation?

No matter where you decide to go for spring vacation or spring break, you can count on the Trusted Local Directory to search for places to visit. Take a tour of our categories today.

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