Top 5 Restaurant Fine Dining Award Winners In The US

1. Daniel, New York

Daniel, an old-school French restaurant that also scored No. 20 in the entire world, is known for its French fare like foie gras and amuse-bouches. Reviewers also enjoyed the experience of watching servers heat the foie gras and prepare the sauce tableside.


2. Halls Chophouse, Charleston, South Carolina


Looking for some killer surf and turf? This steakhouse serves hearty dishes like prime rib and crab cakes. Reviewers praise the impeccable service and some said it was the best prime rib they'd ever tasted.


3. GW Fins, New Orleans, Louisiana.


Swing into the Big Easy for some exquisite soft-shell crab, fresh fish and lobster dumplings at this "must-visit" restaurant.


4.Lahaina Grill, Lahaina, Hawaii.


Fans of this Hawaiian vacation spot on the island of Maui called some of the dishes "mind-blowing," especially the wagyu beef ravioli and triple-berry pie.


5.Geronimo, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Looking to try an adventurous cut of meat? Geronimo in New Mexico boasts a rustic and glorious elk tenderloin, as well as more classic — but still upscale — mains like sea bass.

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