Warm Winter Vacation Ideas for the Whole Family

As temperatures start to drop and the winter months set in, many families feel the temptation of a warm winter vacation. If you’re stuck for ideas, our local business listings are the perfect place to gain inspiration. Trusted Local Directory™ lets you browse businesses from cities and states across the United States, with plenty of fun vacation spots for the whole family. To get you started, here are some of our favorite warm-weather vacation ideas.


5 Warm Winter Vacation Ideas for the Family

The following locations have plenty of activities you can find with a quick search on the directory.

Miami, Florida

Miami temperatures reach highs of around 77°F during the winter months, and it also tends to stay dry. Of course, there’s no shortage of activities in this vibrant city, with a mix of cultures, foods and fantastic beaches. And when you want to cool down, stop by one of the many ice cream shops in Miami.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Summer weather in Las Vegas can be tough to deal with, but you may find winter temperatures far more inviting. And you can rely on Las Vegas to make a big deal of the holiday season, with ice skating, snow carnivals, dramatic holiday displays and much more. Try one of the many family restaurants in Las Vegas for some exceptional cuisine.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio stays relatively cool during the winter and also has plenty of family-friendly activities. Some of the top things to do with the kids within the city include visiting the Alamo, the Cibolo Nature Center, the San Antonio Zoo – and stopping for a bite to eat at one of San Antonio’s exceptional Mexican restaurants.

Orlando, Florida

The many theme parks in Orlando make it a popular family vacation spot throughout the year. Winter is a good time to avoid the crowds and still enjoy the warm Florida weather. With numerous comfortable Orlando hotels to choose from, you’ll find holiday events like ice skating along with the excellent food and shopping. The variety of choices will leave you feeling spoiled!

Los Angeles, California

As one of the biggest entertainment cities in the country, Los Angeles is another great winter location for families. Choose from L.A.’s many theme parks, water parks, museums and even trails for a well-rounded winter vacation. And why not consider taking the kids to one of the welcoming camps in Los Angeles?

Many family-friendly local businesses advertise on the Trusted Local Directory. Search for the city of your choice and find activities for the kids this winter.


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