5 Ways You Can Support Local Businesses During a Recession

With the recession hitting businesses around the United States, shoppers are looking for new ways to save. And as a consumer, you too want to save on your purchases. Look to your local communities to spend your dollars, as this will help the local economy and hopefully keep small businesses from having to increase their prices.


5 Things You Can Do to Support Local Businesses During a Recession

1. Find Local Businesses Using Directories

In our directory, you can search by category and city to find the local businesses nearest to you to support. With so many people shopping online at the largest stores and marketplaces, consumers often miss out on the businesses close by. Yet many of these local stores are selling high-quality items or delivering important services at affordable prices. A simple search is often enough to reveal some hidden gems in your neighborhood.

2. Refer Friends and Family to Local Businesses

A referral from a trusted source is one of the best forms of marketing for a local business. Naturally, if you receive an in-person recommendation from a friend or family member, this will be taken seriously – and will likely lead to further sales. During a recession, simply telling people you know about the good service you experienced, and the quality products you purchased, can help at a time when consumers are being more discerning in spending their dollars.

3. Shop Small to Support Local Businesses

When you Shop Small® and support local businesses, you give opportunities to the many small local vendors dealing with tough economic times. The Shop Small movement was created in response to the last major economic crisis, and helped to amplify the benefits of supporting entrepreneurship in communities. And in the present climate, shopping small is more important than ever.

4. Leave Positive Reviews

Consumers often depend on reviews when choosing whether or not to shop with a business. Data from Statista indicates that the average expected review count is 112, with younger people expecting even more feedback before making a buying decision. This means that by adding your voice to the reviews on directories like ours, more consumers will know they can trust a local business.

5. Promote Businesses Across Social Media

Social media has become a valuable tool for reaching buyers in local communities. Of course, Facebook has long been a part of business marketing, but even apps like TikTok and Instagram are becoming a go-to source for local business recommendations. By posting on these platforms you help local enterprises get discovered by the most targeted shoppers. And for a business, when you advertise with Trusted Local Directory, you can promote your social media to ensure that consumers know to follow, link and tag you in their posts.


Start Supporting Local Businesses Today

During a recession, local businesses can use all the support they can get. If you want to help your local community and find businesses nearby, Trusted Local Directory has everything you need. Take a look at our categories now.

Image Credit – Maderla/Shutterstock.com

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