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Shop Small to support local business

At the Trusted Local Directory™, we are committed to helping local businesses thrive and grow their customer base. If you know how our directory works, you will know we aim to shed light on the incredible small businesses in towns and cities across the country. In practice, consumers make this process possible when they support local businesses. A key channel for uniting this support is the Shop Small® movement.


What Is Shop Small?

Shop Small is an initiative created by American Express in 2010. The catalyst for the movement was the recession that put immense strain on local businesses around the country. The aim was to encourage consumers to visit local businesses and start spending within their local communities. Over time, support has grown and Shop Small is playing a role in helping small enterprises to build loyal customer support.


Times Are Tough for Small Businesses

COVID-19 has been incredibly challenging for small businesses around the country. Once-thriving local businesses now find themselves in precarious positions and many have struggled to survive. Even large business franchises like restaurants were not equipped to deal with such a tough situation. From coffee shops and restaurants to gyms and clothing stores, it is hard to find a local business that didn’t suffer.


Use the Trusted Local Directory to Find Small Businesses

With the Shop Small concept in mind, many consumers want their money to stay within the local community. To achieve this goal, the Trusted Local Directory should be the primary destination for shoppers. Consumers can search by city and category to discover the kind of enterprises that help communities thrive. We offer a number of suggestions on how to improve a business directory listing helping ensure companies give customers the relevant information they need.


Supporting Small Businesses Helps the Local Community

For many businesses, holidays are a make-or-break time of the year. A common trend is for consumers to increasingly wait until designated holidays to shop for the best deals. This year, why not use this money to shop with small businesses? You can discover many new brands through the directory and your investment will contribute to the success of the whole community. A small purchase at a local store could be the boost they need to make it into next year.


We Are Here to Support Small Businesses

Do you own a small business of your own? If you are looking for an opportunity to find targeted buyers, the Trusted Local Directory can always help. A business can create a free listing and reach consumers in the local community. We offer several ways to advertise on the directory, we are committed to helping local businesses find new customers.


Find Local Businesses in Your Area

To find the best local businesses in your city, search our local directory now. If you own a business, create a free business listing on the Trusted Local Directory.

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