How Do I Improve My Business Directory Listing?

Improve a business directory listing

Creating a Trusted Local Directory™ listing is essential for businesses trying to increase local visibility. However, understanding how our directory works and the ways to improve a listing will ensure results are maximized. Here are some of the ways a business can grab the attention of targeted local consumers.

How to Improve a Business Directory Listing

1. Claim a Free Listing

The first step is to claim a free listing on the directory. A free listing allows a business to add contact information, customer reviews, a summary description and a website link. This process is quick and provides the chance to reach targeted directory users. After claiming a free listing, a business may choose to upgrade to gain more flexibility. It is also worth remembering that Trusted Local Directory will syndicate verified data to major search engines, ensuring a business achieves even greater reach.

2. Add Relevant Keywords

Selecting accurate keywords helps customers find businesses that match their search criteria. Think carefully about the keywords that customers are likely to search on a buying journey. The more closely aligned each keyword is to a business, the greater the chance of a high conversion rate.

3. Get Reviews From Customers and Clients

It will be difficult to effectively optimize a business listing without customer reviews. Reviews have become a vital promotional tool, with 94% of consumers indicating online reviews impact a purchasing decision. To maximize results, use email, text and verbal communication to direct satisfied customers to a Trusted Local Directory listing.

4. Select an Appropriate Category

Adding a category lets businesses reach targeted consumers with a specific goal in mind. Differing from keywords that are often broader, a category should be specific to the core service of a business. Selecting the correct category is helpful for users – and also lets businesses stand out in the field they operate in.

5. Add Optimized Images

Images are an important tool for improving a directory listing. Images provide instant visual appeal, bringing a listing to life – and help to sell a business and its services. But an optimized image is also an SEO-friendly tool that gives relevance to a picture. Aim to keep your image alt text short and direct, describing what is in the image using targeted keywords. 

6. Provide Regular Updates

A business will inevitably change and adapt over time. Opening hours may change, new products could be introduced and contact details may need to be updated. Incorrect information on a directory listing offers a poor quality service to consumers, and is most definitely frowned upon by the search engines. Make sure to consistently update a business listing, and even consider advertising on the directory to expand overall reach.

Create a Free Directory Listing Today

Are you ready to reach targeted consumers in your area? Create a free listing on the Trusted Local Directory now. If you already have a listing, apply these tips for an optimized listing.

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