The Benefits of Advertising on Hyperlocal Directories

Online advertising is the quickest way for a business to build brand awareness. One approach that might be overlooked is to advertise with hyperlocal directories, such as the Trusted Local Directory.


Benefits of Hyperlocal Directory Advertising

While most enterprises are drawn to the dominant and highly-competitive platforms like Google and Facebook, a significant opportunity exists with directories. When included as part of a marketing plan, directory advertising has many benefits.


Highly Targeted

The internet allows a business to reach the entire world, but is that always the best strategy? Most companies will benefit from a more narrow focus, reaching groups within a local community. Even when the potential for greater reach is there, it can be more effective to start locally and then expand from a position of strength.



Hyperlocal directories are usually very affordable. The auction system used by many advertising platforms encourages competition, and prices will go up. The fixed price model used by the Trusted Local Directory offers free business listing options, along with affordable paid plans for greater reach.


Increased Customer Awareness

Most advertising involves reaching people when they are unaware of a service. This means capturing attention and educating prospects about a product and a business. In contrast, the traffic on a hyperlocal directory is usually further down the sales funnel, and closer to the point of deciding on a purchase.


Pre-Sell Consumers

The tools available on a hyperlocal directory help to pre-sell people about a business. Positive ratings and reviews offer social proof, thus increasing the likelihood of a sale. Descriptions and images are crucial aspects of the brand-building process, while banners are eye-catching and help to increase brand recognition.


Test Different Advertising Strategies 

Each customer base is different and responds to different types of advertising. Testing is important, and a business will need to test various advertising methods to learn what produces optimal results. Hyperlocal directories encourage this approach to testing and offer a number of advertising styles. As a visitor experiences multiple contacts with a brand, the results that come from this type of testing can be extremely powerful.


Trusted Local Directory Advertising Options

  • Directory Listing – Provide detailed business information including images, video, contact details and social media links. 
  • Trusted Local Business™ Seal – Build consumer trust with a Trusted Local Business Seal. The seal helps a business stand out in the directory listings as a reliable and trustworthy company.
  • Events – List an upcoming event to promote a business. Provide event details, images and video.
  • Article – Use targeted content to educate readers, pre-sell products and increase brand awareness.
  • Banner Ads – Advertise a business using prominent banners. Add a leaderboard to the top of a page, or add a smaller rectangle beneath content.

Start Advertising With the Trusted Local Directory

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