Best Cities to Visit for a Winter Vacation

Best US Cities for Winter Vacation

Best Ideas for a Winter Vacation

A winter vacation in the United States will mean different things to different people. While some travelers will try to escape the cold and find a beach resort, others will head to the mountains for a ski trip. There is so much to do in the different cities and states across the country it can be hard to know where to begin. Thankfully, the Trusted Local Directory has all the best ideas in one spot. 


A Skiing Trip in Colorado

If you enjoy skiing and other winter sports, Colorado is the number one destination in the United States. With many of the leading resorts in the country, why not arrange a stay at a ski lodge in Aspen, Vail or Beaver Creek? Whether you are traveling alone or with the whole family, a ski trip is the perfect winter vacation.


See the Sights of New York

There is no shortage of things to do in New York City, but you’ll need to wrap up warm for a winter vacation. Choose from a number of the finest museums, shows, bars and, of course, you will want to try out the many New York restaurants serving a range of exceptional dishes.


Sunny Weather in Florida

As temperatures fall, many families will seek out the sun in Florida. Temperatures in Key West are fairly consistent throughout the year, making it possible to enjoy the outdoors all year long. You can find a range of hotels and resorts in Key West, with attractions like boat rides, restaurants, beach trips and parks.


Cultural Sights of Washington, D.C.

Visit the historical landmarks of Washington, D.C. for a vacation that is both fun and educational. Take the family to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the White House and many other memorable sights. After a busy day, you could warm up in a Washington, D.C. bar or coffee shop. 


The National Parks of California

Visiting California national parks in winter offers a different experience than during the rest of the year, but a trip will definitely be worth it. Trips to Yosemite, Sequoia and Joshua Tree can be magical if you are prepared for the colder temperatures. Stay at one of the many California camps or book a hotel for easy access to the best locations.


Golfing in Georgia

If you’re an avid golfer and want to get outside this winter, a golfing trip to Georgia is an excellent vacation choice. Support local businesses in Atlanta and the surrounding cities by visiting the fun restaurants, bars, resorts and enjoying other activities – and keep in mind that a trip to the McLemore Club is perfect for a golf lover.


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