How SmartAds Can Get New Customers to Your Business

If you know how ADP's Trusted Local Directory™ works, then you’ll understand it connects targeted consumers with trustworthy businesses. But have you considered the many consumers who never find a business due to a poorly optimized listing? Understand that optimizing a listing is difficult without a comprehensive keyword list – and that’s where SmartAds™, the new tool powered by ADP, comes in.


What Is SmartAds? 

SmartAds is a cutting-edge tool adopted by many of the best print and online directory publishers. The tool gives businesses the data needed to make intelligent advertising decisions. When a company chooses to advertise with a directory powered by ADP’s SmartAds technology, it can make data-driven decisions that lead to improved visibility in the search results.


How SmartAds Is Helping Businesses Reach Customers

Increasing search engine visibility is one of the best free ways to market a business online. But many businesses don’t really know the optimal search terms to target in their listings. For a company hoping to broaden its customer base, this lack of search data often means it will only reach a small segment of the market.

SmartAds is the solution to this fundamental issue. Because the tool gives businesses access to the keywords used by their main competitors, it immediately offers an edge to anyone trying to boost their online presence.

This focused keyword data makes it possible for a business to create print and online ads and listings that hit the mark. In practice, if the competition is targeting keywords, they are most likely producing results. Therefore, simply adding them to print and online listings opens up a new audience of consumers.


Creating Enticing Business Descriptions

The business description is a crucial aspect of a listing, yet companies often use unoptimized copy across every platform. In contrast, the SmartAds keyword data helps businesses get found by using a range of industry search terms adapted for the important directories. Businesses can often leverage the power of a quality directory to boost search presence for a broader range of keywords.


How to Access the Power of SmartAds

SmartAds undoubtedly gives an advantage to businesses leveraging the data across business listings such as the Trusted Local Directory. However, only a select few publishers can actually power directories with the tool. Why? This limitation is because only ADP Trusted Publishers and Partners (organizations that have completed an ADP Certification Program) have access.

Every publisher verified by ADP has a proven track record and can demonstrate they are committed to best practices. And with the addition of SmartAds, the advertising opportunities for local businesses have reached a new level.


Increase Online Visibility With a Free Directory Listing

Reach countless new consumers when you take advantage of smart directory advertising. Get started today by signing up for a free directory listing on the Trusted Local Directory.

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