Free Ways to Market Your Business Online

At the Trusted Local Directory™, our goal is to connect consumers and businesses for a mutually beneficial outcome. We’ve previously discussed how a company can reach hungry buyers using holiday marketing strategies for directories. But how can a brand promote itself throughout the year when the marketing budget is limited?


7 Free Strategies for Marketing a Business Online

1. Create Business Listings on Quality Directories

Directory listings help local businesses get exposure and amplify their online presence. A brand can tap into the existing user base on the directory, while also benefiting from search engine placements powered by the authority of the directory itself. And what’s more, data from the best directories is amplified across a wide selection of other platforms.

2. Stay Active on Social Media

For many consumers, social media is the go-to search tool for a local business. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are leaning into local search and map tools, and the younger generation expects interaction with brands. Find your customers' preferred social media channels and maintain an active presence there.

3. Partner With Synergetic Businesses

Consider partnering with a complementary brand for a win-win outcome. Promoting companion products and services through online marketing channels is a low-cost, proven strategy. For example, Spotify and Uber developed a strategic partnership that helps both parties and offers a valuable service to consumers.

4. Increase Search Visibility

Citations are crucial for increasing local search visibility in Google and other search engines. One of the benefits of joining free local business directories is the ability to build high-quality citations that are syndicated across various platforms.

5. Leverage Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials are vital factors in brand building and online reputation. However, most businesses don’t fully leverage the free content generated by a positive review. Consider amplifying the positive customer experiences outlined in a review on social platforms and other marketing content. Such user-generated content offers authentic messages that will resonate with other consumers.

6. Repurpose Content for Maximum Exposure

Most businesses develop a lot of content for online marketing campaigns, but don’t get as much as they could from the output. For example, simple adjustments can transform a blog post into a video or podcast, and quotes can be extracted for Twitter and Facebook.

7. Create Enticing Offers for Customers

One way to reach undecided buyers is to create enticing deals and product bundles that offer a discount. Adding scarcity or a limited timeframe gives consumers more impetus to purchase. And remember, when you decide to advertise with Trusted Local Directory, you get five deal promotions included with a trusted listing.


Start Marketing an Online Business With a Free Directory Listing

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