How to Get Started Creating an Online Marketing Strategy

Here at the Trusted Local Directory™ we have helped numerous companies reach targeted consumers using local directory marketing. But while most business owners recognize the value of online marketing, many simply don’t know where to begin. If a business has yet to embrace digital marketing, it’s valuable to start by understanding why it matters so much in 2023.


Why Every Business Needs an Online Marketing Strategy

From the smallest local business to the largest corporation, everyone can benefit from developing an online marketing strategy. Here are some of the main reasons to start building a digital foothold.


Online Marketing Is Affordable and Cost-Effective

Businesses can start marketing campaigns with limited budgets yet still see exceptional results – see our free ways to market your business online for some suggestions.


Online Marketing Campaigns Are Scalable

The online world offers plenty of room for growth. A business can start with a limited budget and expand its marketing efforts as consumers respond to promotions.


Online Marketing Is Not Limited by Location

Online marketing brings opportunity. While a local business could strictly focus its marketing on geographical areas, there are definite opportunities to branch out and sell products around the world.


Online Marketing Uses Tracking and Targeting

Advertising campaigns offer valuable data for advanced consumer targeting and tracking. For example, banner advertising on the Trusted Local Directory allows companies to reach a highly targeted demographic.


How to Create an Online Marketing Strategy

Creating an online marketing plan is critical for any long-term success. Here are our suggestions for a digital marketing strategy, and how the Trusted Local Directory can help businesses along the way.


  • Set Goals – Start by determining goals… this makes it possible to track and measure a strategy’s success.
  • Use Free Marketing – Create a free business listing on the Trusted Local Directory, Google Business Profile, as well as other platforms that have a constant flow of consumer traffic.
  • Develop Content – Write articles, design infographics and also make videos that engage audiences. We even publish articles here in the directory.
  • Create High-Quality Media – The quality of images and videos is vital for success, and helps social profiles and directory listings stand out.
  • Leverage Social Media – Sharing content across the main social media platforms increases its reach and develops a strong audience. And make sure to link to social media accounts through a business listing.
  • Use Paid Advertising – Effective paid advertising for local businesses is a high ROI strategy that’s both scalable and cost-efficient. 
  • Offer Deals – Increase consumer engagement with online deals. Our directory listings let businesses promote deals for enhanced lead generation and new sales.


Promote an Online Business With a Free Directory Listing

Online marketing is the fastest way for businesses to acquire targeted consumers. To reach new customers in your area, sign up for a free directory listing on the Trusted Local Directory.

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