How to Maximize Use of the Trusted Local Business Seal to Boost Sales

In the current online world, trust is more important than ever. Consumers are growing increasingly wary of the content they are consuming and the companies they do business with. To counteract some of this lack of faith in organizations, a business needs to build trust from the first interaction.

This is exactly why ADP created their Trusted Local Certification programs. Today, we are going to specifically discuss the Trusted Local Business™ Seal.

Using badges and seals on a business’ website and in marketing materials is not a new practice, however, so many businesses skip this important step – a step that instills confidence immediately. The Trusted Local Business Seal can provide instant credibility, indicating that a business has experience and trustworthiness in a community.

How to Use the Trusted Local Business Seal Effectively

Today, we wanted to go beyond displaying the seal on a Trusted Local Directory listing and share all the other ways that Trusted Local Businesses can use the seal. Keep reading to learn about 7 ways a business can use the Trusted Local Business Seal to build trust with search engines and consumers.

Trusted Local Business Listing Example

1. Visible Website Placement 

Site visitors are more likely to trust businesses with a visible trust seal. The appearance of the Trusted Local Business Seal can reduce the bounce rate caused by immediate site exits.

2. Business Directories 

Business directories, both print and online, often limit the amount of differentiation a company can show. The Trusted Local Business Seal is immediately eye-catching, and a positive addition to a profile.

"Trusted Local Business Seal - Print Ad Example"

3. Promoted at a Physical Location 

Placing a Trusted Local Business Seal outside a business location instills consumer confidence. When the seal is prominently displayed, those passing by who are unfamiliar with a brand are more likely to enter the premises.

4. Printed Marketing Materials 

Most people are inundated with printed marketing materials. The appearance of the seal offers immediate credibility, leading to higher engagement rates with the content.

5. Social Media Promotion 

The largely anonymous nature of social media makes trust hard to come by. Placing the seal on social profiles lets followers discern which businesses are reliable and legitimate.

6. Search Engine Marketing 

Search engine traffic can be substantial. However, Google wants to promote only the most superior pages to searchers. This is why the Trusted Local Business Seal helps show credibility, encouraging higher placement in search results.

7. Used in Mobile Marketing 

Mobile users often scroll pages quickly, making snap decisions about a piece of content or a brand. The seal is an important trust signal to mobile searchers and is used alongside secure websites and positive reviews, along with other elements.

How Does the Trusted Local Business Seal Benefit a Business?

  • Increased Sales Conversions – The seal offers assurance to visitors considering making a purchase or joining an email list. 
  • Placement in the ADP Trusted Local Business Directory – A business can gain targeted, high-converting traffic by advertising in a prominent business directory. 
  • Differentiates a Business from the Competition – Differentiation is a crucial aspect of marketing. The Trusted Local Business Seal allows a business to stand out in the minds of consumers. 

Businesses across a diverse range of industries are benefiting from increased trust and confidence from consumers. Apply for a Trusted Local Business listing today – the seal is just one of many perks you’ll receive!

Are you a directory publisher? To learn more about how you can use the Trusted Local Publisher™ Seal to attract advertisers to your directory, ADP has an article for you too.

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