How Trusted Is Your Local Business?

As the many local businesses that understand how the Trusted Local Directory™ works will know, trust is at the heart of everything we do. Companies must know that the directory is a reputable platform, and the search engines need to feel confident that the highest standards are maintained. But with so much at stake, how can a business know if it is trusted, and what are some ways to demonstrate credibility?


How to Determine if a Business Is Trusted

Determining if a local business is trusted doesn’t need to be an exhaustive process. Here are some simple steps company owners can take.

Look at Reviews and Ratings

Monitoring reviews and ratings offers key insights into consumer opinions. Look at Google Business Profile (GBP), Bing Places, Yelp – and of course, the Trusted Local Directory for ratings and customer feedback.

Check the Online Footprint of the Business

Reputable businesses typically have extensive footprints in search engines, social media platforms and leading directories. And with many free ways to market a business online, there is no excuse not to build a significant network of promotional platforms.

Analyze the Website of the Business

Business websites are vital for building trust with consumers. Fortunately, building credibility is easy to achieve. Check that the website contains accurate information, clear terms of service, an about us page, high-quality images, along with full details of all products and services.

Is the Business Accessible?

Customers must feel they can contact a business at any time – even if they never reach out directly. To determine the level of accessibility, check that the business’ website contains contact information (including a physical address) and responds to social media messages.


How to Demonstrate That a Business Is Trustworthy

Demonstrating that a business is trustworthy and credible is crucial in building a brand. Try implementing the following methods for some quick reputation improvements.

Respond to Customer Reviews

Responding to customer reviews is an underused method for building online trust. To demonstrate responsiveness, local businesses should quickly react to both good and bad feedback.

Use Trust Seals

Trust seals are a visual way to build trust with consumers as they browse for information. A  trust seal can indicate that the business is reputable, is a member of a trusted organization, or has been verified for security and privacy.

Partner With Respected Brands

Local businesses gain a quick boost in credibility when they are associated with respected brands. For example, Trusted Local Directory offers many advertising opportunities for local businesses. Consumers then become more familiar with the branding as they browse the listings. An alternative approach is to place client logos on a business website for added social proof.


Grow an Online Business With a Free Directory Listing

If you want to build online visibility and increase consumer trust, a free directory listing is a great place to start. Sign up for a directory listing with the Trusted Local Directory today.

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