Best Free Ways to Market Your Local Business Online

Reaching a targeted audience of consumers is a challenge for every online enterprise. But with many free ways to market a business online, even budget constraints can be overcome. Here are some free ways to build a local presence and generate interest from buyers.


How to Market a Business on a Budget

Paid advertising is a great option for generating fast traffic – and even the biggest businesses use an array of free or low-cost strategies in a comprehensive marketing plan.


Create a Google Business Profile

Google is the most important search engine for local businesses across every type of niche. And with consumers frequently looking for hyper-local search results, a Google Business Profile is the optimal way to find customers. Build a comprehensive profile, and Google is likely to reward the listing with a local pack placement.


Start a Bing Places for Business

Google may control the bulk of the search market, though Bing still commands a significant audience. While a Bing Places listing offers many of the same benefits, the reduced audience share is made up for in lower competition across many search terms.


Develop a Facebook Page

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform and has many tools a business can leverage. Users can develop a valuable business page and connect with audiences, ensuring prospective customers recognize a popular and active company.


Join Top Business Directories

Joining top business directories is one of the leading ways for a business to access free, targeted traffic. And of course, the Trusted Local Directory™ is the best choice for generating interest. For businesses looking to create an online marketing strategy, a free listing is the entry point to a busy directory filled with targeted buyers. 


Create an Email Newsletter

Though the strategy of email marketing is far from being new, it still works. Businesses can drive traffic from a blog, website or Trusted Local Directory listing to an email sign-up form. As trust is developed over time, email lists will deliver a strong ROI. In addition, companies can leverage free email tools before upgrading to a paid option.


Build a YouTube Channel

As the second most popular search engine, YouTube is more than just a video platform. Consumers visit the site to learn about products and services, along with other factors impacting a local business. With the help of keyword research and simple video ideas, it’s possible to build a responsive audience of buyers.


Maximize a Trusted Local Directory Listing

As mentioned, a Trusted Local Directory listing offers a free way to find an audience. However, to maximize efforts, premium advertising options can take results to the next level. Investing in premium options lets businesses tap into various directory advertising services, including deals, leaderboard ads, published articles and events promotion.


Create a Free Directory Listing Today

Trusted Local Directory helps businesses increase local presence and reach targeted consumers. Get started by creating a free listing on the Trusted Local Directory.

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