Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Apply Every Day

With Black Friday on the horizon, businesses are getting ready for one of the busiest shopping times of the year. At the Trusted Local Directory™, we previously detailed some free ways to market a business online throughout the year. But have you realized that some of the most innovative Black Friday marketing strategies actually use evergreen sales principles? Here are some of our favorite marketing strategies a business can apply every day.


10 Evergreen Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Businesses don’t need to save the best marketing techniques for the limited holiday season when these techniques get results year-round! Consider the following effective strategies.

1. Create a Sales Event

With countless holidays, anniversaries and events each year, there’s always a time for a new sales event. Implement scarcity, urgency and novelty into an event to garner interest from shoppers.

2. Build Evergreen Sales Funnels

With some minor adjustments, a Black Friday sales funnel is adaptable for use every day. For example, each subscriber to an email list can receive introductory messages that lead toward an enticing offer.

3. Promote Flash Sales

Flash sales are usually limited-time offers or deal-of-the-day promotions that encourage fast action. Email marketing, advertising and other strategies enable businesses to deliver flash sales to segmented audiences throughout the year.

4. Leverage Directory Traffic

Holiday marketing with directories works as there is regular targeted traffic to the platforms. You can, however, use directory techniques like deals, events and promoted articles at any time.

5. Implement Hashtags on Social Media

A business can always leverage industry-related social media conversations for quick sales. Use social listening tools to identify hot topics and build promotions around a hashtag.

6. Create a Customer Rewards System

Rewarding customer loyalty keeps people coming back. Add a rewards system that incentivizes purchasing from a business.

7. Target Previous Customers

Businesses often have large databases of previous customers or abandoned cart data. As they have a track record of interest, engaging these audiences is often easier than promoting to new leads.

8. Integrate User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) works because it doesn’t feel like a sales promotion. Look to engage consumers with the brand, building a sense of community with social posts, contests and other UGC.

9. Promote Product Bundles

A successful Black Friday marketing strategy is to bundle multiple products for a limited time. But a business can promote the most successful bundles at various points in the year and still entice buyers.

10. Use Directory Advertising

Directory advertising offers priority placement on a relevant directory or category page. This highly-targeted approach ensures a business is visible to the consumers most likely to buy. Why not advertise with Trusted Local Directory and see the results for yourself?


Start Implementing Black Friday Marketing Strategies With a Business Listing

Make the most of Black Friday and every other day of the year with innovative sales tactics. Take the first step by joining the Trusted Local Directory. Create a free listing now and start advertising to consumers.

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