How to Write a Business Description for Online Directories

Online directory business description

We’ve talked with you before about how to optimize a business listing on Trusted Local Directory™. Well, now it’s time to focus on a crucially important part of a listing – the business description. Crafting a well-written business description is often overlooked by businesses, but its benefits cannot be ignored. So, which items should you include in a description, and what makes a successful listing stand out from the rest?

Tips for Writing a Business Description for Online Directories

Make the Business Description Personal

The first stage of writing a business description for an online directory is to consider how you can differentiate yourself from the competition. This process is easier than you may think, and could begin by detailing when the business was formed, the number of years it’s been in operation, what it’s most well-known for and so on. Adding a bit of personal history to the description helps consumers gain some initial trust.

Showcase Popular Services

Consumers looking at a directory listing are primarily looking for a product or service to fulfill a need. Therefore, it’s important to showcase the main services offered by the business within the description. When an individual is seeking a service and they aren’t quickly reassured that a business provides that service, they are likely to look elsewhere. In addition, take the time to look at what is included with a Trusted Local Business listing and other directories to deliver as much information as possible.

Target Local Consumers

Discussing the service area ensures a business doesn’t miss out on targeted customers. Businesses often provide services beyond their main location, but if they do not make this clear, consumers may leave to search for a hyperlocal competitor. By highlighting some popular towns and cities within your service area, visitors can feel confident that you are active in their location.

Make the Business Listing Enticing

A poorly formatted business description can immediately turn visitors away from the listing. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to make your description enticing. Most importantly, break up the page using paragraphs and add bullets where they are supported. Remember, Trusted Local Directory supports bullets within a description, but many other directories don’t include this option. 

Ensure the Listing Is Optimized for Search

Aim to write a description with a minimum of 200–250 words. At this length, a description can perform multiple important tasks and generate many benefits. Most importantly, an extended description provides an opportunity to build trust with a consumer and advertise a local business comprehensively. 

In addition, businesses can include targeted keywords that help increase search placement both in the directory itself and the Google search listings. Of course, it may not always be possible to write detailed and unique descriptions, though you could craft several descriptions of different lengths in advance to save time.

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