Why You Need to List Your Businesses on Online Directories

Many local businesses are currently seeing the benefits of advertising on the Trusted Local Directory™. From the added exposure of a prominent placement to widespread directory syndication, effective directory promotion produces results. However, there are still many businesses that haven’t yet realized the key role online directories play in local marketing. 


The Main Reasons a Business Should Get Listed in Online Directories

Online directories are far from a new concept. But many businesses are still not focused on building comprehensive and consistent listings. Here are some of the main reasons online directories should be part of your marketing plan.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Performance 

Online directories play a crucial role in the local search results. Citations are used by Google as one metric to determine the popularity of a business. If you can amass a large number of citations on quality and relevant pages, your website will receive more prominence. Directories are a straightforward way to grow your online footprint. 

Build Customer Awareness 

Online directories are not simply a name and phone number. A listing can feature images, videos, descriptions, opening hours and more. By developing an attractive listing that stands out, customers gain awareness about what you do and the products or services you sell. This customer awareness may lead to some quick sales, but the main benefits will be gained with long-term increases in online visibility. 

Increase Sales Conversions 

Developing a website is important, but it won’t lead to immediate trust with consumers. By building your brand across a wider ecosystem of directories, searchers get used to your brand and are more likely to convert from browsers to buyers. When you then add a valuable sales tool like the Trusted Local Business™ Seal to boost sales, the impact is exponential.

Get More Reviews 

Reviews have become another crucial element for a local business marketing its brand online. Customers rely on reviews before making a purchase, but they need to trust the validity of the review platform. Online directories are exceptional platforms for collecting reviews that consumers can check before completing a purchase. 

Maximize Impact With a Visible Trust Seal

The ability to differentiate your business allows you to have maximum impact. One important way to stand out is with the Trusted Local Business Seal. This seal helps you optimize your business listing, building immediate trust with visitors. Every business that earns a seal has gone through a certification process. Therefore, you won’t need to work as hard to secure each sale. When you can combine directory listings with a recognizable trust seal, you have the key to immediate credibility.   


Promote Your Business With a Local Directory Listing

A Trusted Local Directory listing helps business owners build trust and secure new customers. If you want to build your online presence, get a free business listing on the Trusted Local Directory. And here’s how you can create your free business listing on Trusted Local Directory today!

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